The Need

There are over 50 million Berber people who are indigenous to North Africa and they are 99% unreached. Predominantly Muslim, these millions of people will likely never hear the Gospel in their heart language. There is such a need to share Jesus here as people live and die a works-based life away from the Grace and Power of Jesus. And satellite broadcasting is one of those ways they can hear.

Christian television was once an integral part of growing The Church in North Africa and it has been greatly missed, particularly among the Berbers. It was a tool for The Church to evangelize, teach and to make disciples. For many, it was their connection to the Body of Christ. We want to see this again and are moving towards launching a Satellite TV Channel to share the message of Christ in some of their heart languages across North Africa enabling the Gospel to be received by over 90% of the population at the touch of a remote.

Satellite TV is still the ideal method to reach these people groups as almost half of the population still lacks an internet connection. And in countries where restrictions and censorship target Christians, a Satellite broadcast is nearly impossible to block.