StoryChannel produces media content as well as encourages and helps our North African partners produce media content. Our partners in country often affirm the pressing need for a Satellite Channel broadcasting in the least reached heart languages across North Africa as there are very little Christian media resources available.

What types of programming is StoryChannel broadcasting and producing?

Worship Song in least reached heart language

Below is a worship song in the Tarafit language, airing for the first time on StoryChannel.

“Will I go to heaven?”

“Will I go to heaven” is one of the first Tuareg testimonies ever aired (original language is Tamashek). Lisa, the editor of “Will I go to heaven” said, “Editing Mohammed’s story has given me a real connection to Mohammed even though I don’t know him.”

The Heritage Project – StoryChannel Production

Set in AD 180, twelve followers of Christ, known today as The Scillitan Martyrs, faced strong persecution and certain death under societal pressures to worship emperors and gods of that time period. Unified, empowered, and anointed, they remained faithful to what they knew to be true. Their story was told throughout the Empire and has encouraged countless believers throughout history to follow Jesus Christ, regardless of the cost.

Set in the first five centuries, this historical docu-drama series of 8 episodes follows the lives of North African Christian heroes of the faith. Now being translated into languages with little or no media representation or Christian programming.

A Berber from Morocco comes to Jesus through audio broadcast

The man featured above became a follower of Jesus Christ through an audio broadcast in his Moroccan tribal language. There is little to no media representation in this language. And now his testimony is being aired on StoryChannel!

Nadir finds Jesus in a Moroccan jail

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